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Most cosmetic dentists agree that their best cases are accomplished by having a clear understanding with their laboratory on expectations as well as an open line of communication. The team approach that Center for Ceramics takes with us makes it easy to get not only beautiful restorations, but incredible fit and function as well. They have gone above and beyond my expectations with even our most challenging cases and we feel fortunate to have them working with our practice.
Dr. Christian Yaste
After working with Center for Ceramics, I have a new appreciation for what capabilities we have to create the most esthetic and natural cosmetic results for our patients. Read more...
Dr. Christian Yaste


Center for Ceramics is a Charlotte, North Carolina dental laboratory with one primary goal and that is to make dentists' lives easier.

With the application of new technologies, proven techniques and a genuine enjoyment of the dental laboratory business, we are able to deliver a predictable, high quality product.

Our emphasis on customer service and support is what sets us apart from the average dental laboratory. As a high quality dental laboratory we can help identify problem areas, solve elusive fit problems and reduce seat times.

We're happy to assist you,
call 704-442-0920


Our Implant systems will streamline your treatment plan and improve your patient's results, no matter the complexity of the case. We offer fixed-pricing which includes all model-work, articulation, hardware and labor necessary to make your next implant case a success. Read more...
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Z Function Zirconia

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Beautiful, strong and esthetically conceived.Prescribe our Z Function for a stronger, more natural-looking alternative to metal occlusal PFMs or full-cast crowns. Read More

Digital Dentistry

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Center for Ceramics relies on CAD/CAM technology to design, mill and Sinter Zirconia substructures in house. We also accept Itero cases.

Sirona-Connect Lab

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Sirona connect turns every CEREC system into a digital dentistry powerhouse, allowing immediate connectivity to Sirona Inlab laboratories.

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A few words regarding lab fees.
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CFC's lab technicians have expertise in a wide range of techniques for design and finish of your denture and partial cases. Our team provides restorations that are consistent, predictable, esthetically pleasing, trouble-free and long lasting.

IPS e.max

Ivoclar Vivadent's patented lithium dislocate material is truly a revolution for the dental industry. Never before has a material been able to combine high strength, high esthetics and ease of use into one product, until now. Read more...

Sinterblend Veneers

Ultra-Thin and exquisitely designed. The Sinterblend veneer is a CFC original. These Pressed/Stacked veneers can be as thin as .03 mm and yet block-out dark underlying color amazingly.

Our Sincere Thanks

All of us here at Center for Ceramics wish to say "Thank You", to our loyal and long-standing clients. Your continued patronage, referrals and trust in us is greatly appreciated.

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1710 Abbey Place Ste 200A
Charlotte, NC 28209
Telephone: (704) 442-0920
Fax: (704) 442-0923
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