Full Cast Gold Crowns by CFC

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Full cast gold restorations continue to be the standard for long-term durability in posterior crowns. Nothing -- absolutely nothing -- fits and functions like full cast gold. Whether you need an inlay, full crown, or an onlay, CFC's Technicians produce the quality restoration you prefer and demand.

Our crown inlays or onlays are available along with complete lab services to fit your specific requirements.

    Jensen's State Alloy

    STATE is a Type 3, yellow, high noble, crown and bridge alloy.  STATE is designed for fabricating economical restorations that cast, finish and polish with ease.  STATE has 14 Karat gold color, high strength and is corrosion and tarnish resistant. 40% Au and 20% Pd, along with a low density of 12.6g/cm³.

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    All of us here at Center for Ceramics wish to say "Thank You", to our loyal and long-standing clients. Your continued patronage, referrals and trust in us is greatly appreciated.

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