CFC Special Offer: Atlantis Custom Abutment & Crown for $499 * Complete


Atlantis Custom Titanium Abutment

Soft Tissue Model

Seating Jig

PFM or All-Ceramic Crown

*Transfer coping anf and analog to be submitted with case.

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Implant Services

Our all-inclusive Atlantis Abutment and Crown system will streamline your treatment plan and improve patient's results. The fixed pricing includes all model work, articulation, Custom Titanium-Patient Specific Abutment, Soft-Tissue Model, Seating Jig and most of all, the CROWN. Predictable pricing with predictable results from CFC.
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All of us here at Center for Ceramics wish to say "Thank You", to our loyal and long-standing clients. Your continued patronage, referrals and trust in us is greatly appreciated.

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