PFM Crown and Bridges

While metal-free restorations increase in popularity, the large majority of our practices still prescribe porcelain fused to metal single and bridge units.
How we differ from the pack:
One specific team of technicians creates each PFM case - from models to porcelain quality control - ensuring consistent results and predictable outcome for every case.
Our skilled ceramists are trained in the fine art of using Vita VMK Master Porcelain to its utmost capability, providing you with lifelike and natural-looking esthetics.
Stringent quality control procedures guarantees each case provides exactly what you’ve prescribed, designed specifically to meet or exceed expectations.
All restorations are crafted at our facility in Charlotte, NC using only FDA-approved materials from start to finish for your patients’ safety and well-being.

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We use Vita VMK Master as our porcelain of choice when fabricating our PFM Crowns and Bridges because of its excellent color matching capability to both the Vita 3d Shade guide as well as the Vitapan Classic guide. This superior porcelain is ideal for our classical layering method when creating these proven restorations.
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