CAPTEK is a patented “reinforced gold” technology for crowns and bridges, providing beautiful esthetics with the strength of low- or no-gold PFM’s.

The unique structure of the “composite metal” is the core reason Captek’s esthetic qualities are matched with strength, versatility and plaque resistance. Internally, a uniquely designed skeleton of strong, stable platinum/palladium particles supports the gold.

Strength: Captek is highly resistant to fracture and can withstand forces in excess of what the oral environment can develop.

ndications: anterior and posterior crowns, bridges and splints.

Prep Guidelines: Any style margin design can be accomodated.
Shoulder, chamfer, feather-edge or bevel. Occlusal clearance of at least 1.5mm required. Standard crown and bridge metal ceramic preparations.

Esthetics: No dark margins, coupled with a unique light dispersion effect, allows Captek to blend perfectly in the mouth, resulting in a look that is natural and lifelike.
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